Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hmm. Here I go!

This is day one of my blog. I've always thought blogging was cool. So I'm giving it a whirl. Why should anyone read this? Well, pull up a chair and listen to a little story.

I just turned 30. Three months ago, I got engaged. About 9 months ago, said fiance and I landed a sweet sweet apartment in Brooklyn. A year and a half ago, I landed what might possibly be my dream job. Nearly 4 and a half years ago, I landed said fiance. So it seems like things are just going peachy for me, right? Well, not so much...

Sometimes in life, and especially in life, we get ourselves into these little predicaments that make all of the really awesome stuff look just kinda ok. For example:

In 2006 I entered a Masters program at NYU (which shall remain nameless). It appears that, due to the complete lack of professionalism, good sense and compassion of said Masters program staff, I will probably not be graduating. Why? I am an exhibit designer. As in museum exhibits. By some strange act of fate, my first project at my really awesome design firm happens to be a 50,000 sq. foot, multi-million dollar Charlotte, NC. Us creative types a) don't make tons of $$, 2) work insane hours (and in my case, travel to our project sites frequently), have frequent and often unrealistic deadlines that we have to meet, and are generally understaffed, and c) happen to want to move ourselves up in stature in this very small creative museum world by getting additional degrees. Hmph. Well, this degree is hanging in the balance and appears to be tipping in the NO-GO favor. Of course, I still have to pay for every last minute that I participated in this program regardless of whether I get a stinkin' piece of paper to show for it or not. There's much more to be said here, but I won't bore with more details. More will come, I promise

And speaking of finances... I have a wedding pay for!!!!! Yeah. Which, in theory is really great. But I get to live like a pauper for the next year because a massive chunk of that pocket change I make called a salary is getting stashed away for what I hope to be a very worthwhile event! However, sticker shock is a bi***! Does everything wedding-related really need to be this expensive? Which leads me to issue 2: I have been working and traveling for work so much in the last month and a half that I have not been able to devote ample time to the best thing ever: planning my wedding!! It makes me sad. Especially since there are just too many awesome places to do the deed within a hundred mile radius of Brooklyn, and I just have so little time....

In a nutshell, my life is nothing short of insane right now. But I thought maybe someone out there might benefit from reading about my insanity and how to deal! Over the course of the next year or so, I will attempt to drop some wisdom about 3 W's (yes, I was an English major): Wealth, Weddings and Work, and how to successfully (ehem, or unsuccessfully as might be the case) manage all three, all the time! I'll provide a little backstory on each of these on another day, but for now, I need to conserve my energy for Work tomorrow!

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